Need a Dog House? 4 Durable Options

After months of begging, your child finally convinced you to adopt a family dog. On the way home from the animal shelter, you realize that you don’t own any pet essentials -including a dog house. If this scenario sounds familiar, you should consider 4 durable options when shopping for a home for your new dog.


If you want to buy a new home for your pet that stands out from the neighbors’ dog houses, consider opting for a fiberglass model. Besides looking distinctive, this alternative is durable. Your dog will probably stay warm and dry in a leak and corrosion proof fiberglass house.


If you are adopting a puppy, you may be concerned about your pet chewing through and completely destroying a new dog house. Puppies are amazingly mischievous and can wreak havoc on their dwellings. If you can relate, a metal dog house constructed of aluminumstainless steel might be good options for you. Like fiberglass models, metal dog houses won’t rot.


If you want your dog’s home to resemble the family dwelling, you will probably be happy with a wooden dog house. This common type of dog house offers you flexibility in your choice of design. If you wish to create a posh place for your pet to hang out in, you may want to add one of the following additions to your dog’s wooden home:

  • Front porch
  • Roof-top deck
  • Pitched roof

To prevent rotting, build this type of dog house from woods that don’t deteriorate easily such as black walnut or cedar.


If you want an inexpensive option that can be put together quickly, a plastic dog house may be the best choice for you. When shopping for this type of dog house, look for durable designs constructed of hard plastic that will not tip over.

Many people feel that their dog is a member of the family. Therefore, the type of dog house chosen is important. You can keep your new pet happy and safe with one of the above durable dog house alternatives.