Bought a Parrot? 3 Bird Cage Options

After buying your first home a few months ago, you began to dread the constant quietness. In search of companionship, you decided to buy a parrot. However, you don’t have a proper cage to put it in. If this scenario sounds familiar, consider the following 3 durable bird cage options.

Stainless Steel

Do you desire a bird cage that can withstand the test of time? If so, you should buy a stainless steel home for your feathered friend. These sturdy cages can survive years of punishment from your bird. They are also easy to wipe clean. As a forewarning, you may pay a premium for these conveniences because stainless steel cages can be more expensive than other alternatives.


If you’re concerned about cost and durability, a plastic bird cage may suit your needs. You should have no trouble locating this type of bird home in many pet stores. Because it won’t be as heavy as other options, plastic bird cages are easy to transport from one place to another. Like stainless steel homes, plastic cages are easy to maintain.


If you want your bird’s dwelling to look more like a piece of furniture than a cage, you might like a wood bird home. Wood cages aren’t as easy to maintain due to their susceptibility to water and chewing damage. Fortunately, many wooden bird houses include built-in safeguards against these two risks. Some wooden options contain metal lined interiors. These liners prevent birds from chewing through the cage. Some models also come with removable trays for easy cleaning without the worry of water spillage and damage.

Choosing a warm cozy cage for your new pet to live in is an important decision. Stainless steel and plastic options are usually more durable than wood ones. Depending on your style, however, they might not be as pleasing to the eye. If you decide on wood, look for alternatives with removable trays and metal lined insides.