About Pamela Williamson

Hi! Welcome to my website. My name is Pamela Williamson, and I have been providing care for a variety of pets for over 20 years. My husband and I married when we were both freshman in college. In fact, both of our children were born before we graduated from our university! My husband became a successful engineer. While our kids were growing up, I was a stay-at-home mom. After they left home, I became bored with all of my new freedom. Having always loved animals, I volunteered at a local shelter for abandoned pets.

Before long, my home became a refuge for many of the friendly pets I met at the shelter. We went from taking care of a single dog to housing 4 dogs, 3 cats, and 5 birds. Now, my days consist of providing entertainment, meals, and a safe haven for all of the new additions to our family.

Because I wanted to provide safe places for my animals to live in, I researched pet furniture online and talked with a local veterinarian. I now own some of the newest and most innovative pet products available.

I created this website to help others find the perfect houses for their pets. On this website, you will learn about 4 durable dog houses, discover 4 types of handy cat scratching posts, and find out about 3 kinds of bird cages.