4 Types of Handy Cat Scratching Posts

When your brother became allergic to cats, you agreed to keep his two felines for him. However, your furniture has taken a beating since the pets moved into your home. If this scenario sounds familiar, you need to invest in some cat scratching posts. When shopping for this must have cat accessory, consider the following 4 types of convenient options.


When shopping for cat scratching posts, you will probably find many varieties of carpeted ones. Your cats will enjoy stretching out and scratching this soft surface. Like the carpet in your home, you will need to regularly vacuum a carpeted cat scratching post. While durable, carpeted cat furniture will eventually become threadbare.


Unlike carpet, wood cat scratching posts will not wear down over time. This type of cat furniture is the most durable on the market. It is easy to clean and won’t accumulate dirt and grime over time.


Cat scratching posts constructed from sisal are very popular. Sisal is a sturdy material derived from the agave plant. Your cat can enjoy hours of playtime each day on a sisal cat scratching post without destroying it.


If you’re looking for the most affordable cat furniture on the market, cardboard is probably the best alternative for you. Also, if your cats are crazy for catnip, cardboard scratching posts work well. This type of cat furniture is not as durable as the above options due to its ability to tear easily. If you need to be away from your cats, you may want to hide cardboard scratching posts from your pets. You wouldn’t want to come home to a house covered in cardboard scraps after a long tiring day away.

To provide a loving and playful environment for your cats, you should consider investing in some cat scratching posts. Your felines will enjoy their new habitat and your furniture probably won’t attract their attention as much. When shopping for this type of cat accessory, look for carpet, wood, sisal, and cardboard varieties.