Helpful Information About A Pregnant Chihuahua

Do you have a chihuahua who has been resting a lot lately? Prompt attention from a veterinarian is in the best interest of your dog, as she might be pregnant and need to be closely monitored until the puppies are delivered. Below, learn a few helpful things that will help you cope with your chihuahua being pregnant so you will know what to expect along the way. 

How Does a Dog Behave When Pregnant?

Besides laying around and resting all day, you might also notice that your pet seems to spend time in the same spot all of the time. For instance, she might stay hidden in a corner inside your home or on the porch if she is not a house pet. You will also notice that your chihuahua is a lot moodier than she used to be. She might bark a lot and become irritable if someone tries to play with her. You might also notice a change in her appetite, as well as frequent vomiting.

Why Does a Pregnant Chihuahua Need Attention from a Veterinarian?

The first reason for making a prompt appointment with a vet for your chihuahua is so she can be properly diagnosed with being pregnant. The vet will also examine your pet to determine if she is ill in any way so that it can be treated without harming the growing puppies. The most important reason your chihuahua needs attention from a vet is because of her body size, as being pregnant with multiple puppies can end up causing her harm if not monitored the right way. For instance, she might need to undergo a C-section at an animal hospital when her stomach reaches a certain size. Early admission into the animal hospital for close monitoring until delivery will likely be necessary if your pet requires a C-section.

What Will Be Charged for a Chihuahua to Have a C-Section?

If your chihuahua is further along in the pregnancy than you think and needs to undergo an immediate C-section, you will end up spending more money. The overall health condition of your pet will determine how long she will need to remain in the hospital. You should be prepared to pay at least $500 for a non-emergency C-section to be performed. The procedure can cost up to $2,000 on the highest end of the scale. Contact a veterinarian (such as one from All Care Pet Hospital of Harbour Point) about how your chihuahua has been behaving so he or she can determine if she is pregnant or not!