Boarding Your Pet Parrot

There may come a time when you will need someone to temporarily look after your parrot. If your bird is used to having your around or is used to lot of activity, then it may be hard to keep him happy at home alone. Many pet boarding facilities will take in birds and other exotic pets.

Good candidates for boarding:

The best candidates for boarding are parrots who are gregarious and like a lot of activity. They should like to be around people and other birds and don’t mind some handling. However, even birds that aren’t as social or are shy can sometimes be boarded depending on the facility. Candidates that are not ideal include birds that are aggressive, can’t be handled, frequently bite or are unusually destructive.

Requirements for boarding:

A recent check-up with a veterinarian that includes blood work and/or fecal testing is required. Birds should be free of all diseases and parasites. Some facilities will handle birds with certain illnesses and on medications, but not contagious birds. Your bird’s wings should be clipped to protect both him and the other birds. Also, your bird should be accustomed to being in a cage for at least part of the day. Cages are often provided at the facility, but some require you to bring your own cage and a toy.

Services that boarders may provide:

Services vary based on the type of facility. Most facilities will provide healthy food, cage cleaning and daily interaction. Some facilities may offer extras such as grooming and behavior modification. Though not all facilities have veterinary staff onsite full time, most have a doctor on call for emergencies.

Questions to ask about boarding:

Ask for a tour of the facility and observe how staff interacts with the birds. Ask about whether your bird will be allowed some time outside the cage. See if the bird will be interacting with other birds. Find out if people, other than the staff, will have access to your bird. Ask about handling shy birds or about keeping your bird away from other birds or excessive handling. A good boarding facility will try to work with your parrot’s personality and not subject him or her to excessive stress.

Some parrots find boarding to be a fun, exciting experience and will adapt quickly. Boarding a gregarious parrot that is used to daily activity may be a good option if you need to go away for a while. Even if your parrot is not very social, he or she may still benefit from being boarded. Contact a company like Marquette Animal Hospital for more information.